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"Image featuring Biiro associated with Beats on Time Music Label, a prominent Brooklyn-based record label. Explore the connection between Biiro's artistic presence and the beats on time philosophy defining the essence of this distinguished music label in Brooklyn.

Biiro is a versatile artist, celebrated for his talent as a vocalist, producer, and live performer. Originating from Pakistan, Biiro embarked on his musical journey during his formative teenage years and has since been fortunate to share his music globally as both a DJ and Live Act.


Biiro's artistic vision revolves around the ability to evoke deep emotions in his listeners, whether it's a desire to dance or a profound connection. His live shows create an immersive experience, blending a diverse range of vocals, synths, beats, and grooves to take the audience on a captivating journey. Similarly, his DJ sets showcase an eclectic selection of tracks united by their infectious groove.


Driven by an unconditional love for music and a dedicated commitment to his craft, Biiro consistently aims to deliver powerful and memorable performances. His music has resonated with audiences worldwide, leading to opportunities for his work to be released on esteemed international platforms.

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