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Fabian Weitz

Image of Fabian Weitz, an artist linked to Beats on Time Music Label, a prominent Brooklyn-based record label. Discover the artistic connection between Fabian Weitz and the beats on time philosophy, shaping the unique sound of this influential Brooklyn record label.

Born in Bochum Germany in 1992, Fabian first discovered his love for electronic dance music

through listening to the radio in 1998 and was fascinated by its energy. A year later he earned

his first Technics record player and Battlemixer by gardening for his neighbours and taught

himself to DJ by repeatedly watching self-recorded VHS tapes of the Love Parade in Berlin.

When he was seven he began regularly visiting record stores and digging for underground

vinyl’s to create a collection of his favourite music. Despite wanting to start earlier, he was

only able to begin regularly playing music in techno clubs and festivals when he was 15 which

is when he made a lifelong friendship with his current production partner Sven Jaeger. At the

age of 16 he took part in a DJ competition judged by a jury of Ante Perry, Oliver Klein and old

school techno legend Nathalie De Borah among others, in which he, as the youngest

participant, achieved the 3rd place out of 150 participants. Three years later, he started his

first events and used his savings to book artists such as Sis from Cocoon. Since he turned 20,

Fabian has found a love for music production, collecting a variety of hardware, drum machines

and synths to experiment with different sounds. Over the last 10 years and especially during

the pandemic, music production took the foreground for Fabian, allowing him to perfect his

production skills and accumulate a huge array of music which he is now ready to show to the

world. Through his studies, he has gained in depth knowledge of the relationship between

music culture and economics some of which will soon be publicised. Whilst studying, Fabian

worked for two years as a Label management assistant for Desolat with Vladimir Ivkovic who

was coincidentally his childhood record dealer. Following that, he spent two years living in

London with his wife and is well connected in the electronic music scene there where he

would visit record stores multiple times a week. The music that he makes is inspired by his

love of windsurfing in storms and much of the energy that he feels when surfing is

transformed into a never ending groove through his music. Keep your eyes peeled for him in

2024 when he will be returning to the dancefloor as a DJ, to share some of his new beats.

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