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Lost Boy

Photograph of Lost Boy, an artist associated with Beats on Time Music Label, the renowned Brooklyn-based record label. Explore the synergy between Lost Boy's creative persona and the beats on time philosophy that defines the distinctive sound of this influential Brooklyn record label.

Being a multi instrumentalist growing up in Pakistan, Lost Boy was part of many projects in his earlyteens - playing the sitar, guitar, singing and even drumming in a death metal band. He is currently onehalf of Talal & Zoi, a DJ/producer duo that has released music on Dirtybird, Rawthentic, Kindish andTraum. The two have travelled to Europe playing at Mood family and Kindisch showcases and theyrecently headlined Kater Blau. Talal & Zoi maintain a more melodic dark room sound. Recently,LOSTBOYreleased music onBar25 Music,Sol SelectasandWarung Recordings of Brazil.Heperformed in Portugal, Germany, USA, Thailand, Costa Rica, Colombia and Peru and opened forHVOB for their latest Album Tour.Lost Boy’s record label + art collective is a Toronto company and has released tracks by the likes ofFrivolous, Hauy, Nature of Music, El Mundo, Saqib, Sam Jaspersohn and Talal & Zoi. For The Peoplealso host festivals and events and have worked with the likes of Jeff Mills, Totally Enormous ExtinctDinosaurs, Rodriguez Jr., Tube & Berger, Matthias Meyer, Stimming, Vaal, Stavroz and HVOB.Lost boy released a 14-track album, 1987, on For The People. The album deviates from the Talal &Zoi sound maintaining an indie DIY ethos with raw, malanchoic vocals, blended with experimentalelectronic nuances. 1987 is a well-rounded album, with a laid-back, groovy vibe. Whether you'rebuckling in for a road-trip or hosting a late-night soiree, 1987 provides the perfect soundtrack.“Inspired by the heartbeat of the Sufi drum, Lost Boy produces electronic music encompassing boththe traditional and the experimental. Lost Boy concocts these sounds in his laboratory where hediscovers the potentials of softwares and analog machines to bend soundscapes into echoingemotions resonating love and solitude. Coming from a culturally rich environment in his years growingup, Canada allows Lost Boy to reach back to his roots and borrow sounds from cultures andinstruments with no boundaries. It's a melancholic solipsistic journey that is intended to make thelistener feel elevated and dance as well as reminisce nostalgic sensory perceptions. Talal ChaudhryisLost Boy's alias.”

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