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Image featuring Biiro associated with Beats on Time Music Label, a prominent Brooklyn-based record label. Explore the connection between Biiro's artistic presence and the beats on time philosophy defining the essence of this distinguished music label in Brooklyn.

 • Tell us about yourself, and your musical background? - I.e. where do you live, when did you start playing music, how did you get into electronic music, do you play any instruments etc….. 


Hi! I'm from Pakistan and I move back and forth between there and Thailand. I started singing and playing the guitar when I was 14 which eventually branched out to learning music production, the piano and basic drumming skills. I got into electronic music when I heard Aphex Twin for the first time. It was a new and exciting type of sound for me and I immediately wanted to learn how to produce it.


• Tell us about your biggest musical influences? Like growing up etc….


Aphex Twin, Bonobo, Nujabes, Porcupine Tree, Katatonia, Nick Drake, Nazia Hassan, Robert Babicz



• What is your favorite movie? 


Interstellar : I'm obsessed with space. It feels like a calm, quiet place. I also love seeing visualisations of physics theories and concepts. 

• What do you do in your free time?


It used to be reading, muay thai and video games but being the father of two (a toddler, and an infant) most of my free time is now spent in dad mode. 



• Non musical artist : 


It's a tie between Kentaro Miura and Hayao Miyazaki. I am a huge 90's anime and manga fan. 


• Tell us something nobody knows about you.


I'm a really good gymnast. 


• Tell us about some upcoming projects, events, etc.? 


I'm currently finishing up a 2 track EP for release on a label that I'm not allowed to disclose the name of yet. I'm also planning on playing a live set at Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand and Epizode in Vietnam this year. 



• Where do you see the future of electronic music going right now? I.e. like sounds/ vibes etc. predictions of the future, predictions of where you want it to go?



I think electronic music is in an amazing place in terms of sound diversity and accessibility. I feel like microdivisions in genres are also slowly disappearing because of this. I would love to see more live elements and instruments being incorporated into electronic music performances.

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