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Tal Tobi

Founder and father of CiTiC

With 25 years of experience in positions around the world and in the most prestigious clubs globally,
A musician by grace who grew up on analogue sound waves,
Blending a warm and dominant sound in his creations with a unique mixing technique.
With phenomenal audience engagement, Tal is exactly the Artist you should follow.


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Tal entered the events scene in 2008 after an impressive career abroad and performances in leading clubs in Israel.Tal Exploded with his first release”Carrot pullie” in 2016And a lot more sinceTracks like “Gameboy”, “Semon Dele”, conquered the Global dance floors. 

Tal came into consciousness in 1999, becoming the youngest DJ to play at the legendary Ha’oman 17 club.

Since then, Tal has accumulated a 25-year resume,
Mastering every possible position both in Israel and abroad (Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Armenia, Mexico, Turkey, and more).

With top producers, Parties at "The Block" Tel Aviv, The Desert in RLZ And the Forum  Club in Be'er Sheva, To the underground shelters with his CiTiC crew.
Tal is a talented musical producer, full of twists and charisma that is impossible to resist.
Tal says, "Today almost anyone can play music,
But not everyone knows how. And this 'how' is very important!" And he is absolutely right.
Tal successfully connects his past with the present through unique remixes for dance floors
That will make your audience jump and explode with excitement!"

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