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Nino Tores

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Tel-Aviv based DJ and Producer.
Nino Tores (Artur Sher) has been spinning records from the age of 14 at psy trance parties, started mixing with two minidisc players, as time passed, music and technology has changed, styles, and genders transformed and evolved, and so did Artur, Influenced by the evolution of electronic dance music since the late 90s, he adopted to change while absorbing the impact of the psy, club, minimal, techhouse, techno and of course the list of house music names can go forever.

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During 2020 when Covid-19 hit the world, Artur shifted from DJing (all clubs where closed) and hit the studio making his own materials under the project name of Nino Tores
brining an electronic sound that bring more than two decades of club experience to the table

Artur's agenda in life is to make people smile through music, bring happiness to the world, and the name Nino Tores, spells Serotonin backwards, which is the substance of well being and happiness


Hope to catch you Smiling on the dance floor.
Nino Tore

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