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Haider Uppal

Haider Uppal: Musician and Creative Talent. Explore the dynamic world of Haider Uppal's musical journey, compositions, and creative endeavors. Learn more about his impact on the music scene and artistic contributions.

After years of producing music, 2020 was Haider Uppal’s pivotal moment for his musical endeavors and owning his birth name. 

"Having briefly explored house and techno music during a stint in Detroit, Haider’s star is quickly rising as one of the most promising electronic music producers coming out of Pakistan." - @moodroomcollective 

Haider’s approach to music has been one of constant evolution and exploration over the years, ranging from dubby and textured to more spacious and groovy productions, focused on delivering intricate and deep experiences. 

The young producer from Pakistan has connected with the world, as his original productions and collaborative works get released on notable record labels based in Canada, England, Germany and Portugal.

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